MudManX is not your typical mud run. You will be tested physically and mentally. Our one of a kind obstacles, inspired by the elements, will put you through fire, mud pits, pools of water, barricades, cargo nets and other never before seen hurdles including our top secret “CategoryX” – It will blow you away! After the finish line, you will celebrate with fellow mudders at the Xtreme After Party and declare, “I have Conquered the Elements!” It is recommended that you train accordingly as you would any other endurance race.

Jersey Shore Event in Manchester New Jersy

MudManx Event in New Windsor New York August 2012

MudManX Event in Dallas Texas October 2012

MudManX Race Photos | Extreme Obstical Course Photos

2013 RACES

Texas – April, 2013

New York – May, 2013

Maryland – June, 2013

New Jersey – July, 2013

Pennsylvania – September, 2013